A Touch of Spiritual Love - the One Stop Spirituality Shop

My mission is to spread awareness on spiritual and political matters to anyone who wants to learn and to develop morality and harmony through spiritual love and compassion. I’m passionate about spreading the knowledge about spirituality that has been hidden behind the dark curtains of ignorance and taboos.

A Touch of Spiritual Love offers a wide range of digital products designed to help you find peace and harmony in your life. I believe that meditation and awakening spiritual life is gaining popularity day by day. There are lots of people who are looking for peace and happiness in their worldly lives.

If we look at the world today there is too much suffering, destruction and hatred. Firstly we must all learn to love ourselves and then spread that love towards others. If we channel this love, compassion, empathy and all good emotions into our lives we can create a better future and an amazing reality filled with joy and abundance, security and even spiritual enlightenment.

That’s why we are dedicated to facilitate the evolution of consciousness, spreading spiritual awareness by providing affordable, effective audio programs, E-books and e-courses in meditation, personal development, wellness, stress relief, and yoga.

My goal is to spread love and kindness to help to others all over the world through my spiritual products and programs, as well as providing knowledge and resources to inspire all people to live a life of love and kindness for yourself and others.

We meditate to heal, connect, grow, and learn how to live our life more mindfully.

I want to help make the world a better place, one meditation at a time!