Metaphysics involves concepts that go beyond physics, in other words, examining areas of reality that cannot be perceived through the five senses. When a person looks at the study of metaphysics, one recognizes that there are many levels of mind that need to be coordinated in order to bring about a physical materialization in the material world. Metaphysics recognizes that the mind is a field of energy and that whatever is physically manifested in life is also a field of energy.

In addition, metaphysics recognizes there is no separation of energy fields between the energy of the mind and all other energy fields that materialize in the physical universe.

Metaphysics further recognizes the energy field of the mind can connect with other energy fields to alter or change the energy of already existing materializations. Metaphysics perceives that the mind on a surface level projects forth from itself into physical manifestation what it believes and focuses on over a period of time. In other words, the practice of metaphysics recognizes a magnetic draw--that whatever is filled in consciousness on a daily basis be it positive or negative is attracting more of the same by drawing from the unseen energies at work beyond the five senses.

Like attracts like according to the principles of metaphysics, so the key is to focus upon what it is that you want to manifest in life, not on what you want to avoid. Realize that through your application of metaphysics, the higher power within will assist you in physical materialization if you are tuned into your higher powers soul's purpose in this lifetime.

When applying the concepts of metaphysics, accept that all levels and energies of your mind are in a working process for physical materialization.

Realize this truth, although we cannot see various sources of energy like electricity, radio and cellular waves, we use these every day in our lives. The energy associated with metaphysics is the original source of all energy and similarly, can be used for physical manifestation.




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